How We Work

At JDavis, we believe that good design is a result of good process. Escalating construction costs, market saturation, elevated regulatory constraints, heightened regulatory oversight and  intensifying environmental sensitivity has resulted in increasingly complex buildings with ever-more demanding operational needs. In this competitive environment, a well-orchestrated, collaborative and inclusive process is critical in creating a project that differentiates itself from its competition, resonates with its target audience and fits comfortably into its surrounding context. Our process, which consists of iterative refinement, delivery and reflection of narrative visions informed by intense research, is defined by a set of principles that govern how we work with each other, how we work with our clients and how we work with our consultants.



TRANSPARENCY > Clarity through communication is the grease that allows our design machine to run. Being “radically transparent” provides the design team with clear and consistent direction, allowing us and our consultants to avoid time-consuming misdirection and miscommunication.

COLLABORATIVE > Innovation occurs when multiple ideas are funneled into a single vision. We have been fortunate to work with creative, talented clients and consultants, from whom we’ve learned that our team is best when all members have a voice.

EMPOWERING > Embedded in the culture of our firm is the idea that the best ideas should be put forward, regardless of who the idea comes from. Equally important is our internal demand to “make each other better” through the delivery and acceptance of constructive criticism.

FLEXIBLE > Every project is unique, and every project requires a unique solution. Our process should be flexible enough to accommodate the particular needs of each site, each program and each client.