How We Work

Design is a process, not an event, and therefore a design project may have a lifetime of months, or even years. The value of a productive, non-stressful working relationship cannot be overstated. We work to cultivate trust and understanding from the start. We do this by being good listeners, working as a team and diligently documenting discussions and decisions. The goal is to ensure that everyone on the team is on the same page, and remains on the same page, in order to achieve our client’s objectives. We aspire to provide our clients with a low-stress experience backed up by experience, knowledge and creativity.

Collaboration is a both a formal and informal process, or flow, that happens intuitively at JDavis. We build on each other’s ideas and create new knowledge together. There are many ways that we foster and encourage collaboration. First of which is an agreement that all disciplines are engaged very early in a project.

We create a conduit that allows all design team disciplines to provide input and expertise at all points in the process where it matters. We often bring contractors and the construction community into the conversation in the initial conceptual and design phase. We seek out input from a diverse and robust team including engineering consultants, sound and lighting specialists, or historic property experts for example. We bring voices to the table early and often to encourage thoughtful and inclusive collaboration in every project.